After a thousand meetings, hours spent on planning, and crafting the beautiful website you luckily stumbled upon; Happy Container finally went public last week! 

On EUC’s 6th birthday, we officially launched our project and presented the plans to our one and only cheerful EUC community. Thanks to Nina Wang and the rest of the Dies-organisation team, we were offered a platform to quickly give a preview of all the ambitions we have for the future. After the presentation by two of our star team members, Emilie and Yazan, master-networker Nabeel interrupted many pre-drink conversations to spread the word about Happy Container. Thanks to all of them, the fundraising for our community centre has lifted off!

Which brings us to another important announcement: all our portals for donations are settled and ready to use! Details are found at the bottom of the page, so tell your friends and everybody else who was late buying their holiday presents. It would mean the world to us and to the kids in Greece.

If you need any more information or have a way to help, never hesitate to approach us. Happy Container is always in need of volunteers and good ideas. So even if you’re student loans barely get you through the month, there is something you can offer.

For example, we want to thank all super creative and passionate first-year EUC students for helping us organize the first LUCID fundraiser, together with our event-planning expert Nico! Results will follow soon, but at least it was great to see people from all corners of Rotterdam party for charity! Expect more fundravers but also more diverse events soon!

You can keep up-to-date with our progress here, or through our Facebook and Instagram, because the excitement doesn’t end soon. Prepare yourselves for:

  • Our January Field trip, which will be your first introduction to the people we are trying to make a difference for. The whole team will be visiting to get first-hand experience and to learn from the camp’s inhabitants on the best ways to help them. The whole visit will be documented here and on our social media.
  • A very special secret interview with one of the founding members of our team
  • Many interesting parties, dinners, and collaborations!

See you very soon!

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